Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)> Looking further
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is the first program of its kind in continental Europe, combining a focused curriculum with exchange opportunities with international partner institutions and exciting and unique extracurricular initiatives involving representatives from the world of business, policy or politics.

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Academic Language Programme > Looking further
Academic Language Programme

The Faculty of Humanities presents a comprehensive new language service for the VU community. Courses, workshops and language advice for students, PhD researchers, academic staff and support staff. All designed for optimal communication in Dutch and English.

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Graduate School of Humanities> Looking further
Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities offers a large selection of excellent Master’s degrees, Research Master’s degrees and PhD programmes, which provides research training for Master’s students and PhD researchers at the highest academic level.

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Literature and Society: English> Looking further
Literature and Society: English

The focus of our programme is on the interactions between literature and society, and literature and visual culture. You will read canonical British works, and also explore contemporary novels from different English-speaking countries. In our courses, you will analyze these texts from two cutting-edge perspectives: English literature in a changing world, and English literature in a visual culture.

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Minor Migration Studies > Looking further
Minor Migration Studies

In the university minor Migration Studies, we pay special attention to interactions between migrants, nation-states and borders, and supranational institutions and organizations. In this interdisciplinary minor, you will deepen your understanding of these issues by following courses in law, history and social sciences.

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