Faculty Board

The faculty board is the most important managing body of the Faculty of Humanities. The board is responsible for the degree programmes provided by the faculty, for research carried out by faculty researchers and for operational management. The board is also tasked with appointing the members of various committees, such as the Board of examiners and the programme committees. The tasks and responsibilities of the board are codified in the faculty regulations.

The faculty board consists of the dean, director of operations, dean of education, dean of research and a student member (assessor).

Prof. Dr Susan Legêne
Netty VlakveldDirector of operations
drs. Netty Vlakveld
Freek Schmidt 
Dean of education
dr. F.H. Schmidt
Dean of research
Prof. Dr P.T.J.M Vossen
Paolo Edixhoven
Paola Edixhoven

Student member (assessor)
Laura Brinkhorst