Art history research group

The members of the art history research group are interested in the large field of art history from early modern times up to the present.

Focus areas
Our research has a strongly varied character, ranging from drawings and prints to painting and installations, from performance arts to sound and media. Each of us focuses on specific art forms, periods and questions, but we also share an interest in a number of central issues:
how art and image culture are produced, presented, appropriated and recontextualized in different media (from sketchbooks to exhibitions and digital platforms), and how new media have come to be a topic as well as material in art practice. We also study how canons are formed and how the global art market works, as well as producing and reflecting on art criticism.

Institutional embedding
We are an active contributor to the CLUE+ research cluster ‘Paradigms of Creativity’, and work together closely with other universities and museums, galleries, auction houses and artists both at home and abroad. Our lecturers are frequently asked to collaborate on exhibitions of modern and ancient art, as well as participating in current debates, publishing their research outcomes, and taking part in or speaking at symposiums and other public events.

We provide teaching in:

Our current research projects include:
  • The Artistic Taste of Nations. The origins of national thought on Western-European art and collecting in the 17th and 18th centuries (NWO Aspasia project Ingrid Vermeulen)
  • Control Copy: Commodification of the Digital Artwork‘ (NOW Promotieonderzoek Steyn Bergs)
  • ‘Going Global': The museum for modern and contemporary art in the perspective of globalization (NWO Museumbeurs Jelle Bouwhuis met Katja Kwastek)
  • The Mediation of Critique: Polar Strategies of Mediation in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the Low Countries, 1982-1997 (NWO Promotieproject Angela Bartholomew)
  • Art and Autonomy (Publicatieproject Sven Lütticken bij Sternberg Press)
  • Commonist Aesthetics (Publicatieproject Sven Lütticken bij Valiz)
  • Cobra en de nieuwe volkskunst/Outsider Art (tentoonstellingsproject Jos ten Berge i.s.m. het CoBrA Museum)


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Art History staff

Professors and other academic staff

Prof. dr. Katja Kwastek, professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History
Dr. Ingrid Vermeulen, associate professor (UHD) Early Modern Art
Dr. Daantje Meuwissen, assistant professor (UD) Early Modern Art
Drs. Richard Bionda, lecturer in Art & Market (retired as of 2017)
Dr. Jos ten Berge, assistant professor (UD) Modern Art
Dr. Sven Lütticken, assistant professor (UD) Contemporary Art & Art Criticism

Endowed Professors
Prof. dr. Hans Fidom, endowed professor of Organ Studies, funded by the foundation Het Orgelpark
Prof. dr. Frits Scholten, Rijksmuseum Fund professor of History of sculpture from the Late Middle Ages up to 1800, focusing on the Netherlands, UvA/VU professor, based at UvA.
Prof. Dr. Wayne Modest, endowed professor of Material Culture and Critical Heritage Studies, funded by the National  Museum of World Cultures (NMVW)

PhD researchers
Drs. Angela Bartholomew
Drs. Steyn Bergs
Drs. Suki de Boer
Drs. Caro Verbeek