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Head of the Department


The secretariat of the Faculty of Humanities can be reached by e-mail:

The secretariat is located in room 12A 68, phone number 020 5982683.


Boter, Gerardprofessor Greek
Burgers, Gert-Jan
professor History and Heritage of the Cultural Landscape and the Urban Environment
Crielaard, Jan Paulprofessor Mediterranean Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology
Davids, Karelprofessor Economic and Social History
Fidom, Hansprofessor Organology
Haar Romeny, Bas Terprofessor Ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern History
Harinck, Georgeprofessor History of Neocalvinism
Kleber, Kristinprofessor Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Kwastek, Katjaprofessor Modern and Contemporary Art
Leemans, Ingerprofessor Cultural History
Legêne, Susanprofessor Political History
Lieburg, Fred vanprofessor Religioun History
Nyíri, Pálprofessor Global History and Anthropology
Renes, Hansprofessor Heritage Studies
Roymans, Nicoprofessor Northwest European Archaeology
Verstraete, Ginetteprofessor Comparative Arts and Media

Endowed professors

Bazelmans, Josendowed professor Archaeological Preservation of Monuments
Bosma, Ulbeendowed professor International and Comparative Social History
Dam, Petra vanendowed professor History of Watermanagement
Dijksterhuis, Fokko Janendowed professor History of Ideas of the Early Modern Era, in particular the History of Knowledge
Doorman, Maartenendowed professor Historical Culture of Germany: philosophy, art and literature, starting from the Germany Institute
Gowricharn, Rubenendowed professor Hindustani Migration
Hart, Marjolein ‘tendowed professor History of State Building in a Global Perspective
Hupperertz, Wimendowed professor Dutch Cultural History, in particular the study of objects by the Royal Archaeological Society
Laarse, Rob van derendowed professor Westerbork Chair Heritage of the War
Modest, Wayneendowed professor Material Culture and Critical Heritage Studies
Badenoch, Alecendowed professor Image and Sound
Parry, Manonendowed professor Medical History

Academic staff

An overview of our academic staff can be found at the VU Research Portal.