Teaching Art & Culture, History, and Antiquity

Interdisciplinary cooperation and research embedded in society are core aspects of inspired and innovative teaching. Besides several bachelor's programmes in Dutch, the Faculty of Humanities provides five bachelor's programmes in English, including History and International Studies. It also has six master’s programmes and three research master’s programmes, which belong to the Graduate School of Humanities and combine considerable disciplinary embedding with interdisciplinary approaches. The department also provides various minor programmes for bachelor’s students which allow them to explore new topics or deepen their knowledge.

The Department of Art & Culture, History, and Antiquity provides teaching in broad and disciplinary bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. Each programme begins with a number of core subjects, after which students can choose their own specialization. Teaching in the specialized tracks is small-scale and gives students the freedom to take their pick out of various courses, as well as choosing their own thesis topic.

Bachelor’s programmes

The first year of the bachelor’s programmes consists of a general introduction to the field, as well as an ‘exploration module’ that asks students to reflect on their academic learning process from the very first stages of their degree. After this foundational year, the programmes allow students to choose from a number of courses.

Students can decide to specialize in their field during their minor in the third year, but they can also choose to find an internship or study abroad. The faculty has created an honours programme for ambitious and talented bachelor’s students that allows students to contribute to current research projects.

Art & Culture
Art & Culture provides a broad bachelor’s degree in Media, Art, Design and Architecture (MKDA). After the first year, students can specialize in one of these domains, next to taking further interdisciplinary classes.

History provides the Bachelor programmes History (in Dutch) and the English-taught Programme History and International Studies.

  • In the first year of the History bachelor programme, all students follow courses with a chronological and thematic approach to European and world history. In the second year, students can choose between tracks in Political and Cultural History or Global history, as well as specializations in Heritage & Memory, Empire & Nations across Borders, E-Humanities and Ancient History.
  • History and International Studies is a unique bachelor programme combining approaches from history and the social sciences to understand how societies have been connected throughout history. The programme offers a combination of history courses, modern language units and research skills from the fields of global history and international relations.

Ancient Studies
Ancient Studies provides programmes in Greek & Latin Language and Culture, West-European and Mediterranean Archaeology and Ancient Studies. The degree programme in Ancient Studies integrates history, language, culture and archaeology with a focus on the Greco-Roman world and the Mediterranean.

Master’s and research master’s programmes

The department has a wide range of mater’s programmes. The Graduate School of Humanities plays an important role, as this is where master’s students and research master’s students become acquainted with current research first hand. The Graduate School organizes Graduate Lectures, course presentations given by students, seminars for research master’s students and PhD candidates, and career events.

Some master’s programmes are completely English-taught; some programmes can also be taken in Dutch.

Art & Culture
Art & Culture provides the following master’s programmes:

In addition there is the English-taught degree in Heritage Studies and the Curatorial Studies  dual master’s programme.

Research master students can take a degree in the Humanities Research Master specialisation Visual Arts, Media & Architecture.

History provides a broad master’s degree in History as well as a two-year research master in Global History
Students have the possibility of specializing within one of the programmes:
•         Global History and International Studies
•         Medical and Health Humanities
•         Politics and Sovereignty (in Dutch)
•         Religion and Society

Or opt to take a research master degree:
•         Humanities Research: Global History

Ancient Studies

The two master’s programmes in Ancient Studies are a part of the Amsterdam Centre of Ancient Studies and Archaeology, ACASA.

The VU also offers the research master’s degree programme Classics & Ancient Civilizations (Research).