English Literature

The research profile of the English literature research group consists of two themes.

Literature and visual media
First of all, we focus on the relationship between literature and other media, especially visual media. This theme proceeds from the notion that contemporary Western culture is dominated by images, but that the written word and literature are and will remain important, and that they react to the dominance of image culture. From this perspective, our research focuses on the relationship between literature and visual culture in various historical periods and in the present.

Secondly, we focus on transnationality. This theme is based on the idea that in our globalizing world, authors are influenced by processes that occur outside the borders of their own countries. Instead of studying literature within the framework of a national culture, this transnational approach opens up new perspectives that do justice to the dynamic role literature has to play in modern society, as well as in the past.
The English literature research group is also especially interested in the ways in which these two themes can be incorporated into innovative education in universities and secondary schools.