Historical philosophy

The research conducted by this group spans the history of classical metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of science, focusing on the ideas about scientific knowledge and its relationship to metaphysics in the Neoplatonism of late antiquity: metaphysics, especially emanationism, and the epistemology of Arabic Neoplatonism; the medieval study of transcendentals, the broad 18th century – the time of the Enlightenment -, German Idealism and Neo-Kantianism, phenomenology and philosophy of gender.

In the bachelor’s programme, we offer introductory courses in ancient, patristic, medieval, modern and contemporary philosophy, as well as classes on classical texts and core philosophy courses for Humanities students. At master’s level we provide classes for the Department of Philosophy and ACASA, inspired by current research. We are a member of various national and international cooperative ventures, such as OIKOS, of Medieval studies research school and EGSAMP.

Academic staff members

The following academic staff members are members of the Historical Philosophy research group:
Dr. J.M. Halsema
Dr. C.H. Krijnen
Dr. Olga Lizzini
Prof. Dr. Marije Martijn
Prof. Reinier Munk

As well as the following PhD candidates:
Jaap Embregts
Lusie Laan
Bram van Steen