Faculty Office

The faculty office supports the faculty with regard to teaching, research, policy, finances, staff matters and publicity. The director of operations is Drs. Netty Vlakveld; she is head of the faculty office and runs the faculty’s daily operations on behalf of the faculty board. She is also responsible for all faculty personnel matters.

Faculty administration and departmental office
The director of operations is supported by the board secretary, Ms Paola Edixhoven. You can contact her at bestuurssecretariaat.fgw@vu.nl.

The departmental office can be contacted at afdelingensecretariaat.fgw@vu.nl. This office supports the heads of department and the faculty research staff. Their activities include taking minutes at (departmental) meetings, managing the diaries of the heads of department, correspondence, and general tasks such as room reservations, post and copying work.

The departmental office does not handle any matters regarding education. Please contact the Central Student Desk (020 598 5020) for questions in this area.


Head of Education: 

drs. P.J. Reinders
T: 020 598 6600
E: p.j.reinders@vu.nl

Students enrolled at the VU can find answers to all frequently asked questions about education, registering for courses, graduating, the board of examiners and student counseling on VUnet. If you can’t find an answer on VUnet, please contact the Central Student Desk by phone (020 598 5020) or email (studentenbalie@vu.nl).

Students who are not enrolled at the VU should also direct their questions towards the Central Student Desk by phone (020 598 5020) or by email (studentenbalie@vu.nl).

Education Coordinators
emptyThe Education Coordinators oversee the planning of teaching at the VU. Their activities include harmonizing the various degree programmes, timetabling classes and exams, as well as making room reservations. They also provide educational information for the study guides and give the departments numerical management data regarding education.

  • drs. R.F. Hogervorst, room 12A-61, t. (020) 598 6538
  • A. Meijers (time-table), kamer 12A-61, t. (020) 598 6361

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing team is tasked with formulating and executing the internal and external communications policy of the faculty. This includes information events, recruitment, the website, Vunet, social media, the newsletter and external profiling.

Contact: communicatie.fgw.mc@vu.nl

Website and VUnet: webredactie.fgw.mc@vu.nl

Informatics Office

The faculty Informatics Office supports staff and students in matters regarding the application of IT in education (IT & E) and research (Digital Humanities). This includes advising on the various ways in which IT can be used, as well as providing practical support for various programmes. For more information, see the Digital Humanities Workbench.

B.F. (Ben) Stuyvenberg
T: (020) 59 83663
E: b.f.stuyvenberg@vu.nl

HRM advisor

The HRM advisor can answer questions regarding personnel matters, such as legal issues, salary, promotion and career guidance, as well as being a contact for discussing confidential matters.

V.A.M.J. (Veronique) Bremers
T: (020) 59 86239
E: v.a.m.j.bremers@vu.nl

Planning & Control

The faculty controller advises the faculty board, the director of operations, and the department and section heads on matters of financial policy and management.

P.L. (Patricia) La Chira Marquina
E: p.l.lachiramarquina@vu.nl