dr. A. (Mieke) Prent

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Lecturer in Mediterranaean archaeology

Office hours:
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Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

I. Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Crete. II. Perioikic Laconia. III. Greek religion and cult. IV. Fieldwork; excavation and survey methodology and practice.


Mediterranean archaeology (see above ).


Until recently, my research has concentrated on Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Crete. My doctoral thesis consisted of a contextual study of Cretan sanctuaries and cults in the period from ca.1200 to 600 BC. As part of my Ph.D. research I have participated in several surveys and excavations in Crete, including at Knossos, Mallia, Palaikastro en Praisos.

In 1995, I became field director of the Geraki Project. Geraki is situated ca. 25 km southeast of Sparta, in the foothills of Mount Parnon. The akropolis of Geraki has a long history of occupation, beginning in Late or Final Neolithic. In historical times, the place was known as Geronthrai, a dependent community of 'perioikoi' or 'dwellers around', which had been conquered by Sparta early in the 1st millennium BC.  Since my involvement with the Geraki Project my research interest has gradually shifted to Laconia. In the coming years, I hope to engage in the study of Laconian sanctuaries - especially those outside Sparta itself - which may be associated with the perioikic communities or may have had broader, regional functions. Major research questions will concern the place of such sanctuaries in the socio-political configuration of Laconia and their possible role in the formation of local and regional identities in relation to Sparta.


In press:

  • (with J.H. Crouwel, S.E. MacVeagh Thorne and J. van der Vin), Geraki, an acropolis site in Lakonia. Preliminary report on the eleventh season (2005), Pharos XII.
  • Cretan Early Iron Age hearth temples and the articulation of sacred space. In: Building Communities: House, Settlement & Society in the Aegean & Beyond, Proceedings of the Conference held at Cardiff University, 17–21 April 2001, R. Westgate, N. Fisher and J. Whitley (eds), British School Studies. London. Expected 2007.
  • (with L. Langridge-Noti), Deposition and Chronology in Hellenistic deposits at Geraki, Laconia, in: Proceedings of the Hellenistic Pottery Conference in Aigeion. Submitted in April 2005.
  • (with S. E. MacVeagh Thorne), The fortification wall(s) at Geraki. In:Sparta and Laconia from Prehistory to Premodern. Proceedings of the International Conference in Sparta, 17-20 March 2005, W. Cavanagh (ed.), British School Studies. Submitted in April 2006.


  • 2005    Cretan Sanctuaries and Cult. Continuity and Change from Late Minoan IIIC to the Archaic Period, Religions in the Graeco-Roman World 154. Leiden and Boston: Brill Academic Publishers.

Articles in journals and books :

  • 2004    Cult activities at the Palace of Knossos from the end of the Bronze Age: continuity and change. In: Knossos: Palace, City, State, Proceedings of the Conference in Herakleion, Crete, November 2000, British School Studies 12, G. Cadogan, E. Hatzaki and A. Vasilakis (eds), pp. 411-19. London: British School at Athens.
  • 2003    Glories of the Past in the Past: Ritual Activities at Palatial Ruins in Early Iron Age Crete. In: Archaeologies of Memory, R.M. Van Dyke & S.E. Alcock (eds), pp. 81-103. Oxford and Malden: Blackwell.

Fieldwork reports:

  • 2005    (with J.H. Crouwel et al.), Geraki, an acropolis site in Lakonia. Preliminary report on the tenth season (2004), Pharos XII, pp.1-30.
  • 2004    (with J.H. Crouwel et al.) Geraki, an acropolis site in Lakonia. Preliminary report on the ninth season (2003), Pharos XI, pp.1-34.

Extensive list pf publications

Professional activities

Fieldwork experience

  • 2007–1995: Field director at the Geraki Project (Laconia) with Professor J.H. Crouwel, University of Amsterdam, for the Netherlands Institute at Athens.
  • 2003–2001: Senior staff member ‘Little Palace North Project’ at Knossos, with Dr. H. Hatzaki, Knossos Curator for the British School at Athens.
  • 1999–1993: Staff member Praisos Survey (Eastern Crete) with Dr. J. Whitley, University of Wales, Cardiff, for the British School at Athens.
  • 1994–1986: Trench supervisor at the excavations at Palaikastro, Crete, under the direction of Dr. J.A.M. MacGillivray and L.H. Sackett, Esq. for the British School at Athens.
  • 1992: Trench supervisor in the excavations at Knossos (Crete), under the direction of Dr. C.F. Macdonald, Curator at Knossos, for the British School at Athens.
  • 1991: Participant in the Mallia Survey (Crete), under the direction of Ms. S. Müller for the French School.
  • 1985: Participant in the Laconia Survey, under the direction of Dr. H. Catling, Dr. W. Cavanagh and Professor J.H. Crouwel (a joint British-Dutch project).
  • Participant at the excavations at Valkenburg, the Netherlands.

Other activities

  • 2004–1993: Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Archaeological Dialogues Foundation, based in Leiden.
  • 1998–1995: Managing Committee member for the annual Archaeology & Theory Symposia in Holland.
  • 1994: Managing Committee member for the organization of the first Dutch Symposium on Classical/Mediterranean Archaeology, April 1994 at the Rijksmuseum of Oudheden, Leiden.