Nominated: Treasures in Trusted Hands

"Treasures in Trusted Hands – Negotiating the Future of Colonial Cultural Objects" (2016) by Jos van Beurden is one of the three dissertations nominated for the Boekman Dissertation-price for art, culture and policy. The winner will be announced during a symposium at Radboud University on October 30 next. There were 74 entries.

09/24/2018 | 9:12 AM

Cover Treasures in trusted handsIn the dissertation Van Beurden maps the massive flow of cultural and historical objects from colonies to Europe during five centuries of colonialism, analyses a number of returns to former colonies in the 1970s and 80s, and compares the way requests for colonial objects are answered with the way requests for Nazi looted art have been being dealt with.

Chief promotor was prof. dr. S. Legêne, second promotor prof. W. J. Veraart

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