Intensive Course in Attractive Academic Writing (only for PhD Researchers from the faculty of Social Sciences)

This intensive course is designed for any small group of PhD researchers who are in an advanced stage of writing their dissertation (or articles) and who are interested in increasing the attractiveness and sharpness of their writing. The writer’s aim at this point in the writing process is to pay more attention to the reader  and in that light the focus in this course will be on precise argumentation, concise formulation, and stylistic variation.

The course has an introductory group session focusing on linguistic techniques, two working sessions with peer feedback, and an individual tutorial with the teacher.

Assessment is on the basis of at least one edited thesis chapter (or article) using ELS-online, the ALP feedback system. The precise content of the course will be agreed between teacher and participants in a meeting prior to the course.

The dates for this course will be agreed with lecturer and participants once the participants are known.

Deadline for application is 14 January, 2019.

The course is open to PhD researchers from VU-GSSS who have completed at least two chapters (articles) of their dissertation. This course is not open for non-FSS PhD candidates.

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