Introduction to Academic Writing in English

After successfully completing this course you willbe able to write a well-structured and coherent academic English text about the topic of your research, following the stylistic conventions of your discipline. Your writing will be relatively free of serious lexical and grammatical error which would have an adverse effect on the readability of the text.You will also have insight into your own strengths and weaknesses in grammatical terms, and how to go about resolving the weaknesses.

The course consists of 6 two-hour sessions spread over three weeks in September. The four grammar sessions will be part lecture, part seminar, covering the noun phrase, the verb phrase, punctuation and complex sentences. The two writing sessions will concentrate on structure, academic idiom, formality and coherence.

Each participant submits an existing research proposal at the beginning of the course, and will receive feedback on this text during the course. The final assessment consists of the reworked text. Participants will also be offered an individual tutorial of 45 minutes to wrap up the course, to be scheduled approximately three weeks after the end of the course, which will include advice on how best to tackle any major language problems.

September 2019

Practical information
Teacher: to be announced
This course is offered by the Faculty of social Sciences, as part of the FSS Bridging Programme.
Credits: 3

Registration and contact information
Course registration is via FSS. For more information contact Saskia Jans via