Report writing in English for policy staff

This course is intended for staff with experience in writing all kinds of policy documents and who want to become more confident about their writing in English by (a) reducing common grammatical and lexical error to a minimum and (b) enhancing their mastery of register and style issues relating to policy texts. The precise content of the course is based on an analysis of unedited texts which you are asked to submit beforehand and on a pre-course meeting in which you discuss with the teacher what aspects of language you would like to pay special attention to.

The course is taught in four 3-hr sessions over a four-week period. It includes writing and editing assignments involving peer review, and each participant receives detailed feedback on two pieces of written work via ELS-online, the ALP feedback system.

November 2019

Practical information
Fee: €475 
Teacher: tba
Open to all support staff with writing experience in English
Course code: OBP-C-EN-1 

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