Academic Language Programme

The Academic Language Programme (ALP) offers support for everyone in the VU-community who wants to develop his or her communicative skills in English and Dutch. The ALP provides courses, workshops and coaching sessions for students, PhD-students, lecturers and support staff. Read more about the ALP

For students

  • Courses in Academic English, Academic Dutch and Dutch for beginners
  • A Writing Centre which offers workshops and individual coaching sessions on writing papers and theses in Dutch and English, and which offers an editing service.

For PhD candidates

For academic staff

For policy staff and support staff

  • Tailor-made courses on university English.

For Degree Programmes

  • Advice about setting up a successful training curriculum in language and communicative skills within a programme. Advice will be based on the existing structure of each degree programme. Lecturers from the ALP already teach courses on Academic English for degree programmes as part of their curriculum, using a variety of course designs.