Academic Language Programme

The Academic Language Programme (ALP) offers support for everyone in the VU-community who wants to develop his or her communicative skills in English and Dutch. The ALP provides courses, workshops and coaching sessions for students, PhD-students, lecturers and support staff. Read more about the ALP

For students

  • Courses in Academic English, Academic Dutch and Dutch for beginners
  • A Writing Centre which offers workshops and individual coaching sessions on writing papers and theses in Dutch and English, and which offers an editing service.

For PhD candidates

For academic staff

  • Courses in Academic English and Dutch as a second language 
  • Workshops and tutorials in English pronunciation (advanced), Fluency in English (advanced), Academic writing in English (beyond C1); workshop on how to give feedback on students’ English.

For policy staff and support staff

  • Courses in Dutch as a second language

For Degree Programmes