Correcting student texts

This is a workshop consisting of three 3-hr sessions for staff who teach in English and want to give language feedback on student papers and dissertations. We have developed a feedback package called ELS-online (English Language Support) that links errors that you mark in the student’s text directly to the relevant page of a tutorial website and relevant exercise material. The programme can work within Turnitin and can be used across the campus. It generates an error overview for each marked text so that the student can see what areas need working on.

The first workshop session is devoted to an overview of the main kinds of mistakes that students make in their written work, and is based on analysis of texts written by students and researchers at the VU over the last thirty years. The second session introduces the feedback system and offers some basic practice. Participants then do an assignment at home, providing feedback on a small number of texts, and in the final session we discuss issues arising from the assignment.

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Practical information
Fee: €350
Teachers: Mike Hannay, Nel de Jong
Open to academic staff from all faculties
Workshop code: DOC-W-EN-1

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Contact information
Nel de Jong,