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It’s one of the trickiest things to get right when you’re writing in a second language: achieving the right tone and style for a given text. In academic writing, a formal and objective style is one of the most important aspects in making the right first impression on your readers. In this workshop, we will tackle the issue of formality and academic style in your text. We will start by focusing on some of the most common things to avoid in any formal text. Then we will work on strategies for replacing informal and subjective phrases with more appropriate options (i.e. showing what choices you have). Finally, we will take a look at what additional choices are available to make your text more formal – even changing look  at into consider will change the tone of your text. The workshop offers an explanation of the relevant issues and a set of exercises. Finally, there will be an opportunity to work on your own text and to receive feedback on issues in your text. Please take a text of your own of about 500 words with you to the workshop.

Practical information
No. of participants: 15
Teacher: Abby Gambrel
Fee: €30
Workshop code: SCH-W-EN-1 

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