Clear and effective writing

If you're interested in following this (online) workshop, sign up by sending an email to before 15 April. We will let you know on 17 April whether the workshop will take place and will schedule a date with everyone who signed up.

If you get feedback on your thesis or essay that the text is not coherent enough or your supervisor says that the structure of the text is unclear, this workshop is for you. We will work on creating a clear structure for your text, giving you tips and tricks to create clear sections, and most importantly, well-structured paragraphs. We will also look at how connections between sentences can be improved, so your text will have a better 'flow'. In discussing these topics we will look at the effect on readers when a text is not well-structured and we will then work with some tools to improve the text. We will end with an editing checklist that you can use for your own texts.

Practical information 
No. of participants: 15
Teachers: Abby Gambrel
Fee: €30 
Workshop code: SCH-W-EN-3

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