Clear and effective writing

This workshop is aimed at students writing their thesis in English who have a solid command of English but are looking for ways to improve their texts with regard to clarity and effectiveness. We will focus on a number of different aspects that will ensure that transitions in your text are clear and that your text has a good flow and each sentence is easy to understand.  In the workshop we will work on tools that a writer can employ to show the reader how parts of the text are connected: using pronouns and other referring expressions correctly, making clear lists and coordinated structures, and effectively using explicit linking language in a text.  Finally, we will practise with how to make a text more compact without losing any content.
April 2020 

Practical information 
No. of participants: 15
Teachers: tba
Fee: €40 
Workshop code: SCH-W-EN-3


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Contact information

Gea Dreschler, g.a.dreschler@vu.nlempty