Writing a thesis or dissertation is a challenging task, and you may well find that you ‘get stuck’, and cannot see the way ahead, for whatever reason. When this happens, it can be very helpful to talk to someone who can help you to understand why you are stuck and can give you tips and tricks to get unstuck. A coach can help you to regain an overview of what you are doing, or to work out what steps you have to take to make progress again. Sometimes just one talk will be enough, and sometimes it is more effective to arrange a few sessions.

Another reason you may want to make an appointment for an individual coaching session is because you have problems with specific language topics. For instance, you may be in an English-taught programme, but it's a while since you took any grammar classes. Or, maybe you get feedback from a teacher that you make a lot of mistakes in your text, but it's not clear to you what these mistakes are, or what the most important mistakes are to avoid. A coach can help you understand this feedback and identify main areas for you to focus on, and suggest tools to work on these topics.

In both types of coaching, the focus is not on the content of the text. The coaches will not improve your text for you, or write your text for you. Rather, they will help you to improve the text yourself and help you to continue writing and improving your own writing and language skills.

If you sign up for coaching, one of the ALP teachers will make an appointment with you. During the session, you explain your problems and the coach will look at your text with you or will listen to your situation, and give you some practical tools for you to try. The ALP teachers have a lot of experience with written products by students from all disciplines and will be able to quickly see the best way forward for you. They are your ideal reader, usually knowing nothing about your own discipline and therefore being well placed to ask the ‘ignorant’ questions that will help you to clarify your thoughts. 

We charge 25 per coaching session. The coaching session will take 20 minutes.

You can sign up by filling in the registration form.

If you would like more information, please contact Gea Dreschler