The Writing Centre

The Academic Language Programme (ALP) Writing Centre offers support for students and PhD candidates who are writing their dissertation to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. This support takes the form of individual coaching, workshops in small groups, tutorials (both individually or in very small groups) and an editing service. The coaching and workshops for students will be targeted at dissertations written in Dutch as well as English; tutorials for PhD candidates will be about writing in English only.

Editing service
The editing service is aimed at master students and PhD candidates who want to cross the t’s and dot the i's in their dissertation and can use some help in doing so. An editor will provide feedback on the correctness and clarity of the English or Dutch, and will help you to achieve the right style for an academic text (for instance word choice, stance, tone).

Read more about the editing service 


If you find yourself stuck in the writing process of your dissertation, you are welcome to schedule a single appointment or a series of coaching talks (with a maximum of five). The focus will be on managing the writing process, rather than on the contents of the dissertation. Read more about coaching.

Workshops English and Dutch

Short workshops (3.5 to 4 hours) in groups of no more than 15 participants. The workshops will focus on specific themes that come into play when writing texts in Dutch and in English.

Tutorials for PhD candidates (English)

We offer tailor-made support for PhD candidates writing a dissertation in English. The support will be aimed specifically at the quality of academic English, and will always be discussed with the candidate’s supervisor. Tutorials will be offered individually or in groups of no more than three PhD candidates. For more information, contact dr. Gea Dreschler.