Lastige kwesties in het Nederlands

If you're interested in following this (online) workshop, sign up by sending an email to before 15 April. We will let you know on 17 April whether the workshop will take place and will schedule a date with everyone who signed up.

This workshop offers a succinct treatment of a number of tricky issues regarding word use and sentence construction in Dutch. You learn how to deal with such problems as faulty coordination and inversion, and in general how to make sure your sentences stay on track. You will also learn to identify and eliminate carelessness at the lexical level - think of pleonasm, tautology and malapropisms.  We will also look at the punctuation you use in your text: where do you put a comma and where don’t you?; what is the precise function of the colon?;, and when do you go for brackets rather than dashes? In short, we will look at everything you have to take into account when producing a text written in clear, correct and elegant  Dutch.

The workshop lasts three and a half hours. It is organized so that participants get to do a lot of individual practice.

Spring 2021

Practical information
No. of participants:  15
Teacher: Margreet Onrust
Fee: €40
Workshop code: SCH-W-NL3 

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