Op weg naar een samenhangende tekst

If you're interested in following this (online) workshop, sign up by sending an email to alp.fgw@vu.nl before 15 April. We will let you know on 17 April whether the workshop will take place and will schedule a date with everyone who signed up.

Readers experience a text as coherent when they continually have the feeling that they know what the text is about, where the text is going, and when the text switches from one part to another.  In other words, when the text hangs together. It is this idea that all the parts belong together that makes a text readable, that makes it possible for the reader to follow what the text is about.  This workshop deals with the question of how you make the coherence visible in your papers or your dissertation. You will find out about all the necessary ingredients for a coherent text, at the level of the section, the paragraph and the sentence. You will also learn to recognize when the coherence is missing, and what the causes are. After all this you can apply what you have learned by doing exercises to improve the coherence of text segments of different lengths.

The workshop lasts three and a half hours. It is organized so that participants get to do a lot of individual practice. At the end of the workshop, each participant gets a short text with guidelines on promoting textual coherence.

Practical information
No. of participants: 15 
Teacher: Margreet Onrust
Fee: €40 
Workshop code: SCH-W-NL-2 

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