Schrijven in een academische stijl

This workshop is aimed at students who wonder what the style of their thesis should be or have been told by their supervisor that their style of writing is too subjective or informal, and consequently does not meet the standards for a dissertation. We will discuss a number of characteristics of academic writing in Dutch, do some relevant exercises, and briefly consider language functions. After that, we will have some time to review texts (about 2 pages) brought in by the participants (please hand in a text prior to the workshop). We will compare the style of these texts to the academic style the supervisor will be expecting, identify the points for improvement and discuss how to go about reformulation. This task will help participants get to grips with rewriting their own texts.

The workshop will take up 3.5 hours and is designed in such a way that participants can actively practise and work on their own texts. At the end of the workshop, each participant will be given a short guide on writing in an academic style.

19 February 2020, 9.30 -13.00 hrs.

Practical information
No. of participants: 15
Teacher: Margreet Onrust
Fee: €40
Workshop code: SCH-W-NL-1

Deadline for signing up: 12 February 2020

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Contact information
Margreet Onrust,