Top 10 grammar and language issues

If you're interested in following this (online) workshop, sign up by sending an email to before 15 April. We will let you know on 17 April whether the workshop will take place and will schedule a date with everyone who signed up.

If you don’t have the time to take a complete English course at this point of your studies, you’re welcome to come to this workshop where we will discuss the most frequent errors in English texts written by students at university level. Rather than giving you an overview of English grammar, we will focus on well-known problems. In the workshop, we will give an explanation of 10 common errors, after which we will do a set of exercises with these issues. Finally, we will spend some time on recognizing errors in longer stretches of text; you will have the opportunity to check a text of your own at this point and ask the workshop leader for feedback.

Practical information
No. of participants: 15
Teachers: Abby Gambrel
Fee: €30
Workshop code: SCH-W-EN-2 

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