Honours Programme Faculty of Humanities

What is the Honours Programme?

Are you a talented and highly motivated first-year student in the Humanities? Have you passed all your courses, with an average grade of 7.5 or higher? Then you can apply for the VU Honours Programme. It has been designed as an extra challenge for excellent students, to be followed alongside the standard curriculum. The Honours Programme is taught in English and comprises 30 extra EC to be obtained in your second and third year. You will earn 12 or 18 points by doing one or two research projects at the Faculty of Humanities. The remaining points can be obtained by following interdepartmental courses.

The programme allows you to broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills, and offers a wide range of subjects.

Research projects

Honours students at the Faculty of Humanities are trained to become creative, critical and versatile researchers. The departmental honours programme consists of a 12 EC research project. This will give you a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of Humanities research, to develop new skills, to contribute to the creation of new knowledge, and it will prepare you for your BA thesis. You will be directly involved with ongoing research, collaborate with excellent VU researchers and tutors, and meet other motivated and talented students.

Available projects differ from year to year, and typically cover a wide range of topics. You can either choose a project within your discipline, or try something new. The projects will allow you to develop a variety of competences, including analytical, presentation, collaboration and problem-solving skills. For a taste of the project contents, click on one of the presentations listed here:

Optionally, you can do a second 6 EC research project in consultation with a researcher and the Honours Programme coordinator.

Registration and contact

To register, fill in the registration form and add a recent overview of your grades plus a motivational letter. You can register all year round, but the deadline for selection of Honours students starting in their second year is May 1. For students who already want to start in the second semester of their first year, the deadline is December 1 (N.B. different criteria apply!).

More information can be found on the VU Honours Programme website, or contact the coordinator for the Faculty of Humanities dr. Philip Verhagen,