Master's degrees

The Humanities Faculty offers a varied selection of Master's degrees in Dutch as well as in English. These degrees provide an excellent education in different knowledge areas and are a great step towards a wide range of careers. There are many different programmes within the degrees, which allow you to specialize on a theme, period or method of choice.

The Faculty seeks to create a community for the development of scientific knowledge through education. This means that students are considered serious partners in the process of the development of knowledge. Students work on solving key issues within their field with the teaching staff. In order to reach the level at which you can effectively help solve problems you will first get to know the most important topics, core concepts and research methods for your field. At the same time you will become familiar with the rules of cooperation and communication.

Because the teaching in the faculty is strongly influenced by the internationally oriented and socially relevant research conducted at the VU, we can offer state of the art degrees, which allow students to fully develop their talents. The same is ensured by the large variety of working styles. Courses can consist of seminars and lectures given by teaching staff or guest speakers, or writing research essays, but can also involve visiting conferences, lectures or museums, designing exhibitions, collaborating on the building of digital maps or interacting with students and teachers from all over the world.

The following Master's degrees are offered by the Humanities Faculty:

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