Arrangements and supervision

To ensure good progress in your PhD track, several assessments and contact meetings have been included in it. Below, you will find the links to the VU PhD regulations and to the PhD brochure of the faculty, describing the whole track.

At the beginning of his or her track, each PhD candidate writes a Training Plan (OBP). Part of the OBP is the education program of 30EC the PhD candidate has to follow. The Graduate School also has a training track worked out, see the link below.

This OBP can be submitted for approval to the Graduate School. After 10 months, a stop/go assessment follows, on the basis of a first report of the results and an updated work plan. At this assessment are present: the PhD candidate, the supervisor(s) and the director of the Graduate School. In the following years, there will be annual assessments between the supervisor(s) and the PhD candidate. There are no annual assessments for external PhD candidates. Each year, they will submit a succinct annual report to their supervisor(s) and to the Graduate School. For the format of this report, see the link below.

You can always go to the PhD coordinator with questions or problems. The coordinator can explain the required forms to you, can coach you in your research track, mediate between the PhD candidate and the supervisors and help with difficult decisions.