Bachelor's degree programme

The Faculty of Humanities offers several English Bachelor’s degree programmes. A Bachelor’s programme takes three years, after which you can start a Master’s degree programme that builds on the knowledge you have already acquired.

Master's degree programmes

The Faculty of Humanities offers Dutch and English-taught Master’s degree programmes, including various Research Master’s programmes.


The Faculty of Humanities has an excellent reputation for welcoming international students.

Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities offers master’s degrees, research master’s degrees and PhD programmes, offering research training to students and PhD candidates at the highest academic level.

Regulations Faculty of Humanities

Each Bachelor's and Master's programme has Teaching and Examination Regulations, in which the applicable procedures as well as the rights and obligations with regard to education and examinations are described. In addition, the faculty’s Examination Board has laid down Rules and Regulations.

Educational quality and vision

On this page you can read more about the quality of education at the Faculty of Humanities