We have a very tight and vibrant community at the John Stuart Mill College. There are multiple ways to distinguish yourself as an excellent student. One way to do so is to participate actively in our extracurricular programme and gain valuable experience as a result. You can become a member of the Student Council of the JSMC or the PPE Education Committee, join the board or one of the committees of PPE’s study association KallioPPE, or apply for a grant from our PPE Incubator Fund for a project you have designed yourself, in collaboration with fellow students.

The KallioPPE student association, run for and by students, offers a range of activities that contribute to relaxation, networking, and personal growth. They aim to bring all PPE students, whether international or national, together to become part of a tight international community. PPE is a very extensive programme and KallioPPE ensures that students do not lack social engagement outside the PPE community. To this end, KallioPPE organises events ranging from regular borrels, to tutoring, to trips, thereby creating a diverse community that has a place for everyone.

Previous events:

  • Introduction weekend
  • Ski Trip
  • MUN
  • Big Talks
  • PPE Gala


Student Council
The PPE Student Council is the body that monitors and represents the interests of students of the John Stuart Mill College. Any PPE student can approach the PPE Student Council for matters that are of importance to the community. Their team consists of three members, the president, the vice-president and the secretary, and is annually elected by the students in April. Having a seat at the Management meetings allows the Student Council to let the students opinions be heard and to help shape PPE’s programme and community.

- Moritz Arndt (president)
- Eline van Leeuwen (vice-president)
- Marlene Troestl (secretary)


Programme Committee
The Programme Committee consists of both student and staff representatives, and its task is to advise the Dean of PPE on educational matters. These matters include: the organisation of the programme, the quality of PPE courses, and the teaching and examination regulations, among others.

- Ethan Auer (Chair)
- Jonathan von Molke (secretary)
- Eva Meijerink (academic advisor)
- Bjoern Bruegemann
- Anastasia Ovtsarova
- Oezlem Terzi
- Marina Uzunova


The JSMC encourages and appreciates student’s engagement in extracurricular activities and gives students the possibility to launch their own projects. With the PPE Incubator Fund students are encouraged to develop their own extracurricular projects, which they then propose to PPE staff. The college sets aside a yearly budget for its for these projects which allows students to acquire the necessary tools to realise their ideas. Proposals normally include a detailed project schedule, budget, aims and outcomes. Over the years, two student-led initiatives were founded through the help of the PPE Incubator Fund:

PPE Encounters
PPE Encounters is a platform run by a small group of students that allows motivated students to encounter with professionals and experts from different backgrounds. Monthly organized, the PPE Encounters provides students not only with knowledge but can as well be seen as a democratic tool which gives insights in current societal and political debates. Events are often carried out in the setting of an interview and consequently end in a discussion with the audience. All their events take place directly at the JSMC inside VU Amsterdam.

PPE in Person
Students have come together to create 'PPE in Person', an initiative that aims to create a stronger link between academia and student’s personal considerations. They aim to foster discussion and to make room for critical self-reflection. Their goal is to strengthen empathy and mutual understanding. They have organized a number of workshops and discussions about topics like:

  • Personal Boundaries and Communication - together with Our Bodies Our Voice
  • Identity Politics - together with philosopher and writer Sebastien Valkenberg

Every Wednesday the JSMC invites their students to inspiring and engaging events at 15.30 hours on the 4th floor of VU Amsterdam's main building. The college itself, together with KallioPPE and several student-led initiatives (for more information check out the 'Incubator Fund' section), make these extracurricular activities happen.


  • Peter Singer, Philosopher and Ethicist
  • Frank Heemsker, Executive Director at the World Bank’s Board
  • Gerrit Zalm, Former Dutch Minister of Finance