The Faculty of Humanities offers a number of minors. A minor is comprised of a coherent package of related courses that make up 30 study points in total. These minor programmes are intended to complement the depth and breadth of learning in your chosen field of study. In addition, most Bachelor's programmes have an additional 30 credit ‘option’ that you can fill in a number of ways, for example with a study abroad, an internship, electives or with a minor.

Free Elective
You can also choose to follow a single elective course of 6 credits, or even create your own combination of courses to make up your own 30 credit minor. These will be conditional on the approval of the Examination Board. VU students can register for these under ‘extra-curricular training’ via VUnet. Not a VU student? You can register as a secondary course student (‘bijvakker’).

Check out the complete list of minors we offer at VU Amsterdam.