Regulations Faculty of Humanities


The most important regulations regarding Bachelor's and Master's education within the faculty are the Teaching and Examination Regulations of individual programmes and the Examination Board’s Rules and Regulations.

Teaching and Examination Regulations

Each Bachelor's and Master's programme has Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER), which set out the applicable procedures as well as the rights and obligations with regard to education and examinations. Each TER consists of a section A, a section B1 and a section B2.

Section A is the faculty section containing the provisions that apply to all bachelor's and master's programmes within the faculty. There are two exceptions to this. The Bachelor's programme Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) has its own A section, because of the collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Business and Economics. The Bachelor's programmes Archaeology, Greek and Latin Language and Culture, and Ancient Studies have a joint A section, because of the collaboration with the University of Amsterdam.

The programme specific provisions are set out in both B sections, for which the following subdivision is used:
• Section B1: general provisions relating specifically to the programme of study
• Section B2: programme content section, including the structure of the curriculum

Three appendices to the B2 sections are the same for all programmes (Bachelor and/or Master), with the exception of the programmes mentioned above. For reasons of clarity, these appendices have not been published in the study guide, but on this web page. However, these appendices are formally part of the Teaching and Examination Regulations; for this reason the TER refers to these appendices. These are the following documents:
• Appendix 1: Evaluation of the education within the Faculty of Humanities (all programmes)
• Appendix 2: Honours Programme (Bachelor's programmes)
• Appendix 3: Minors Humanities 2020-2021 (Bachelor's programmes)

From the academic year 2019-2020, the Teaching and Examination Regulations of individual programmes will be published in the online study guide of VU Amsterdam. This concerns both the A and B sections.

Teaching and Examination Regulations of previous years, can be found on VUnet. The old Teaching and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's programme Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) are on a seperate page on VUnet.

As of academic year 2020-2021, separate premaster’s regulations will be established. These regulations will soon be available on this page. In addition, an addendum to the Teaching and Examination Regulations has been drawn up in connection with the corona measures; this addendum will also be published shortly.

Rules and Regulations

The Examination Board of the Faculty of Humanities has established Rules and Regulations (pdf) that apply to the interim and final examinations in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of the Faculty of Humanities. The Rules and Regulations also contain the cum laude rules.