Humanities Student Society

AFB HSS LogoMany students who arrive in Amsterdam, either from another city in the Netherlands or from abroad, have a small network and do not (yet) know their way around the city. The Humanities Student Society (HSS) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam would like to help these students get to know the city and their Faculty better.

The student population of the Faculty of Humanities is very diverse, also due to the increase in English language programmes. HSS is a network of and for all Humanities students and regularly organizes activities or draws the attention of its members to the activities of other associations or student councils.  

HSS invites students for drinks and other cultural, academic and sporting activities and events that will be organised. There will also be a voluntary lecture series called "Get to know Humanities". Teachers from various bachelor's programmes will give interesting lectures, so that students can become acquainted with the programmes of their fellow Faculty members.

These events are open to all students of the Faculty of Humanities. During the first two drinks you can get to know your fellow students better, and you can start to expand your network. This way you easily make many new friends in Amsterdam.

Membership or more information
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