Study Association Kliché

Studievereniging KlicheKliché is the study association for students of communication and information sciences (CIS/CIW), Literature and Society (L&S), and Media Arts Design and Architecture (MKDA). It is a place where students can make new friends, participate in educational activities related to their courses, and socialise.

This makes Kliché the ideal addition to your time as a student - academically, but also socially.

A few of the educational activities you will be able to participate in are:

  • trips to museums
  • workshops
  • interesting guest lectures

Apart from these activities, Kliché also organises fun social gatherings like movie nights, game nights, book clubs and so-called ‘borrels’, where you can enjoy a drink and snack in the company of your fellow members. To top it all off, we also organise a city trip each year. A few cities we’ve already visited are: Athens, Marrakesh, Tallinn and Helsinki.

Not only does Kliché offer you fun, educational, and interesting activities, you will also receive a discount on your study books. After all, being a student is expensive enough

Want to join us?
Becoming a member costs €15 for first year students, and €10 for non-first year students.
To join, mail your details to

Further information
Are you curious about all of our activities, or are you not sure yet? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or have a look at our website.

We hope to see you soon!

Borrel Kliche