Lóbí Kúná


15.00 - 17.00

Debate centre 3D

Lóbí Kúná, film and discussion on the story of appropriation, art and colonialism in Debate Centre 3D

Matthias de Groof


Profileringsthema: Connected World


AFB Lobi_KunaWhen photographer Mekhar Kiyoso is in the Africa Museum for a shoot he becomes unsettled as the views through his lens reveal the macabre museum as a mausoleum of his cultural heritage. As he’s being possessed by the artefacts, he remembers being alienated from them. Lóbí Kúná (which in Lingala means 'the day after tomorrow' as well as 'the day before yesterday') tells the story of his appropriation of the past in order to project himself into a future.

This unique film will be viewed and discussed in 3D in the presence of its director Matthias De Groof and moderated by Srdjan Sremac. Matthias De Groof is a Matthias de Groofresearcher at the University of Antwerp in Belgium where he studies postcolonial theory and Belgian cinema. Lóbí Kúná won the price of best experimental film at the Brussels Independent Film Festival and was selected for the Canadian Festival International sur Film de l’Art.

Entrance is free, but the seats are limited, so be in time!

Watch the trailer on Vimeo

Lobi Kuna is brought to VU Amsterdam by The Amsterdam Center for the Study of Lived Religion.